Orchestra of Sound

Whatever the sound, music finds a way

Music Made with Hundreds of Sounds!

The Orchestra of Sound is an exhilarating, one-man music theater show that seamlessly blends the artistry of instruments built from recycled materials, original high-energy music, and captivating multi-media which display hundreds of sounds from the world around us. This groundbreaking production takes audiences on a sonic and visual journey through the power of music. You won’t believe your ears!

The live one-man show is where sound and visuals collide. It is an orchestra of sounds in two parts simultaneously - a live performance backed by video projected on a large screen. As music created from sounds is heard, the screen projects images of how the sounds the audience hears were made - video footage of Paul Snider making sounds by playing on cars, bridges, tanks, satellite dishes, and so on - sounds captured from the world around us and knitted together to create a unique soundscape. The live component spotlights Paul performing at centre stage on a piano built from recycled parts and other solo instruments he built from recycled materials, synchronized with the video projected on the screen. The result is a unique, never-before-heard orchestration of sounds that combine to create engaging, original music enjoyed by all ages. Paul captures the audience's imagination as he describes the different sounds he uses and why they work so well in harmony. The show is as educational as it is entertaining.

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