Description of the Live Show!

The Orchestra of Sound concert consists of one performer - Paul Snider - performing his original instrumental compositions on a piano against the backdrop of an orchestra of a multitude of sounds from the world around us, projected on a large video screen.

Imagine the stage: Paul plays on a piano centre stage with a large screen behind him projecting pre-recorded video of Paul playing percussion on bridges, trains, cars, boats and a myriad of other items, or bowing cello strings strung across a canoe, or making harmonious sounds from wine glasses, bottles, tea kettles and so on. Paul even uses a loop machine to layer more sounds in the live performance. Magically, these sounds all come together to create a beautiful orchestra of sounds that are harmonious and pleasing to the ear. Some songs even include a choir of singers Paul recorded online from around the world. Paul wrote these original compositions and scored them for piano and the sounds all around us. There is no other musical show like it.

As well as piano, Paul plays other instruments he has built from junk and recycled materials such as his Saxycle, a saxophone made from the front end of a bicycle, or a trumpet made from many different types of tubing, or his PVC flute, to name a few.

Between the songs, Paul describes the sounds the audience is about to hear and the stories behind the sounds or the compositions. The show is as much a learning experience as it is entertaining.

No matter the sound, music finds a way.